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When your water drainage slows down, reach out to the professionals at WPG Plumbing for expert drain cleaning services in Melton. We will identify the underlying issue and offer a lasting resolution, ensuring you won’t encounter the same problem in the future.

Temporary remedies often provide only short-term relief. If you find yourself repeatedly resorting to a plunger for the same drain, there may be a concealed blockage within your plumbing system. Utilising professional equipment, we can comprehensively diagnose and address the issue.

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What is Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning refers to the process of eliminating obstructions and blockages from plumbing drains and pipes. These blockages can develop due to various materials such as hair, soap scum, food particles, and grease.

If not addressed, these clogs can result in slow drainage, unpleasant odors, and even water damage. Professional drain cleaning services utilise a range of techniques and tools to remove these clogs, including hydro jetting, drain snaking, and video inspections.

At WPG Plumbing, we also provide preventive maintenance services aimed at preventing future clogs and blockages in your drainage system. Regularly scheduling drain cleaning is essential to maintain the proper functioning of your plumbing system and avoid potentially costly repairs down the line.

Warnings You Require Drain Cleaning Services in the Melton Local Area

If you observe any of the following indicators, it’s probable that you require drain cleaning services:

  • Slow-draining water
  • Foul odours coming from drains
  • Water backing up into other drains
  • Gurgling sounds coming from drains
  • Water pooling around drains

Failing to address these signs can lead to the accumulation of further clogs, resulting in more serious problems like burst pipes, water damage, and even sewage backups. Routine drain cleaning services serve as a preventive measure to avert these issues and maintain the seamless operation of your plumbing system.

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The Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Professional drain cleaning services offer a range of advantages, including:

  • Thorough Cleaning: Professional drain cleaning services employ specific tools and techniques to eliminate even the most stubborn clogs, ensuring your drains are comprehensively cleaned and functioning optimally.
  • Cost Savings: By preventing clogs and more serious plumbing problems, regular drain cleaning services can save you money over time by reducing the need for expensive repairs and replacements.
  • Improved Hygiene: Clogged drains can harbor bacteria and unpleasant odors, negatively impacting the overall cleanliness and hygiene of your home or business. Regular drain cleaning services can eliminate these issues and enhance the overall cleanliness of your space.
  • Faster Drainage: Professional drain cleaning services can enhance the speed at which water drains from your sinks, showers, and toilets, making them more convenient to use and reducing the risk of water damage from overflow.

DIY Drain Cleaning Tips

While professional drain cleaning services are advisable for severe clogs or persistent problems, there are some useful DIY tips to prevent drain clogs from developing. Here are a few:

  1. Use Drain Screens: Install drain screens in your sinks and showers to capture hair, food particles, and other materials that can lead to clogs. These screens prevent these items from entering your pipes in the first place.
  2. Dispose of Grease Properly: Never pour grease or cooking oil down your drains, as they can solidify and create blockages. Instead, let grease cool and then dispose of it in the trash.
  3. Hot Water: Regularly flushing your drains with hot water can help dissolve and remove small clogs, as well as prevent new ones from forming.
  4. Baking Soda and Vinegar: Periodically, you can pour a mixture of baking soda and vinegar down your drains. This combination can help break down clogs and maintain the cleanliness of your pipes.

Remember that while these DIY tips can be effective for preventive maintenance, professional drain cleaning services are still essential for tackling more stubborn clogs and ensuring the long-term health of your plumbing system.

Choosing Professional Drain Cleaning Services

When in search of a professional drain cleaning service in Melton, a few essential factors should guide your decision. Firstly, prioritise companies with a wealth of experience in drain cleaning services, as this ensures they possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to efficiently address your needs.

Secondly, evaluate their reputation by checking for positive reviews and testimonials from past clients. A company known for delivering quality work and exceptional customer service is more likely to meet your expectations.

Additionally, ensure the company offers the specific services you require, whether it’s hydro jetting or video inspections. Lastly, seek transparent pricing with no hidden fees or charges to ensure a straightforward and honest transaction.


What is the recommended frequency for drain cleaning?

The frequency of drain cleaning is contingent on several factors, including the age of your plumbing system, household size, and the volume of debris entering your drains. Typically, a general guideline is to schedule professional drain cleaning services annually to mitigate the accumulation of build-ups and blockages.

Is it advisable to utilise store-bought drain cleaners for drain cleaning purposes?

Using store-bought drain cleaners is discouraged due to their potential to harm your pipes and plumbing system. These products contain abrasive chemicals that can corrode your pipes, potentially causing more problems in the future. The advisable approach is to engage a professional plumber who employs safe and efficient methods for drain cleaning.

What are some typical reasons for drain blockages?

Clogged drains often result from various factors, including the presence of hair, grease, food remnants, soap residue, and foreign objects. Being cautious about what you allow into your drains and avoiding items that can potentially cause blockages is essential. Additionally, routine drain cleaning is a proactive measure to prevent the accumulation of debris and subsequent blockages.